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X-Men (2000)

Director Bryan Singer


Hugh Jackman ... Wolverine
Ian McKellen ... Magneto
Anna Paquin ... Rogue
Patrick Stewart ... Professor Xavier
Famke Janssen ... Jean Grey
James Marsden ... Cyclops
Halle Berry ... Storm
Rebecca Romijn-Stamos ... Mystique
Tyler Mane ... Sabretooth
Ray Park ... Toad
Bruce Davison ... Senator Kelly

The Story

There are mutants. They talk. A lot.
There are fights. A couple.

I found it quite lame.

And it screams: Watch the sequel!

Is it Captain Picard? Nope, it's Professor X!

Earth's most powerful psychic - can read minds, project his own thoughts into other people's heads, create illusions, erase memories, detect other mutants nearby.

This man is in bad need of a barber and a manicure!

And DON'T wake him when he has a bad dream!

Wolverine has super-regenerative powers that lets heal wounds within minutes, heightened senses (see him sniff) and his skeleton is covered with a metal called adamantium. And he has that retractable claws, also made from adamantium. Too bad this metal is magnetic!

Magneto. The bad guy. Can control and form metal through his willpower. Bad for wolverine.

Also plays chess with Professor X.

Rogue. Don't touch.

Can absorb the memories and abilities of anyone she touches. Also absorbs the life-power of those she touches.....

Jean Grey.

Psychic like Professor X, but much weaker. She also has telekinetic powers, but why doesn't she use them in the movie to be a match for Magneto?!


Here's looking at you, kid!

Only his quarz visor holds back the energy rays shooting from his eyes otherwise.



She can control the weather within a limited area, can zap people with lightning or freeze them with snow.

Mystique can shapeshift and take the appearance, voice and even fingerprints of everybody she impersonates.



Similar powers as Wolverine, but he is baaad. And he seems to be a bit retarted ...


He sports a 12-foot-long tongue, and he can leap like, well, a toad.

You wanna go out there in THIS clothes?
Gosh! Look at that!
Storm zaps Sabretooth