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UTOPIA - the coolest online game ever!
Utopia is a free online strategy game, there are approximately 40,000 players from all over the world. If you are new to the game, you will find some useful information here how to start, how to play, and how to find your strategy. It will need some work in the beginning to get things strait - but don't despair! Once you have grasped the concepts of the game, you can concentrate more on the fun aspects - or on the race for a top ranking!


The basics:
When you create a province, you will be assigned to a kingdom, consisting of maximum 25 provinces. There is a voted king who controls the forums and relations with other kingdoms.
Go and read the guide! Print it out! Read it again! And again - there are a lot of things to understand before you can enter the hall of fame! You will find the official guide here.

Be active and visit the forums, ask experienced players for advice, then your province will prosper!

You should log in at least once every day (12 hours offline, and 20 hours offline will give you a small gold bonus, but it's not always worth to wait for it)

When you log in, there are a couple important things to do:
1. Read the Monarch's message
2. Check if you have NEW MESSAGES or RECENT NEWS
3. Check last month and the paper to see what's going on in the kingdom (attacks made, wars declared)
4. Check your kingdom to see who is online (especially if you don't have ICQ)
5. Check the forums, and read all new messages and threads - reply when you have something to say, send aid if it is requested and you can, contribute to kingdom issues
6. Check your council to see the stats of your province and act accordingly.
7. Only when you have done that all, spend your money (buildings, military, thieves, sciences) and your runes (for spells)

Following this advice will make you a valuable member of the kingdom soon!

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