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Tomb Raider - The Movie

Angelina Jolie - the perfect cast for Lara Croft.

Director: Simon West

The Cast:

Angelina Jolie .... Lady Lara Croft
Iain Glen .... Manfred Powell
Jon Voight .... Lord Richard Croft
Daniel Craig (I) .... Alex West
Leslie Phillips (I) .... Wilson
Noah Taylor .... Bryce
Chris Barrie .... Hillary the Butler
Julian Rhind-Tutt .... Mr. Pimms
Richard Johnson (I) .... Distinguished Gentleman
Robert Phillips (I) .... Assault Team Leader
Rachel Appleton .... Young Lara
Henry Wyndham .... Boothby's Auctioneer
David Y. Cheung .... Head Laborer
David K.S. Tse .... Head Laborer
Ayla Amiral .... Little Cambodian Girl

Angelina Jolie (as Lara) fighing


The Story:

The ancient secret society of the Illuminati is in search of an old artifact which shall give them ultimate power.
Time for Lara Croft to save the world, when she finds an old clock her late father had hidden in her home to be found by her when the time had come.

The race against time begins - Lara must find the artifact before the Illuminati get their hands on it, and before the planets conjuction ....


Expect jumping and fighting just like in the computer game - not one of the greatest movies of all time, but nice to watch for fans of Angelina Jolie, and of Lara!

The cast and crew have already signed up for two more Tomb Raider movies!

Stargazing - the planet's conjunction is near


Lara in action - just like you like it from the games.


Action in the ancient Cambodian Temple



Approaching the showdown



More pictures of Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft