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Spider-Man - The Movie

Spider-Man | Story | Cast | Crew | Pictures

Peter Parker, high-school student and a total loser, is bitten by a genetically enhanced spider on a field trip, and soon discovers new amazing powers. Suddenly, he does not need his glasses any longer, has a lot of muscles, can move at superhuman speed, can produce webs from his wrists, do amazing jumps, climb walls, and he even posseses a sixth sense - the "spider sense" warning him of approaching dangers.

But he still does not have the courage to tell the girl from the neighbourhood - Mary Jane Watson - that he loves her.To earn some money, he applies for a wrestling match. The manager cheats him for the announced price of 3000 dollars, and when the office is robbed shortly thereafter, Peter Parker lets the robber escape - his revenge for being cheated by the manager.

But he has to pay a high price for his petty revenge - the escaped burglar kills his Uncle Ben!

Now Peter understands what his uncle told him shortly before: "With great power, comes great responsibility."

Peter follows the murderer, and he is responsible for his death as well.

Peter Parker will never be the same - he decides to take on his responsibility and use his powers to fight crime and save the innocent in future - Spider-Man is born.

Meanwhile, Norman Osborne, father of Peters best friend Harry, is doing a self-experiment with a strength-enhancing drug developed for military use. His strength is increased, but at the same time, his mind is destroyed - he is changed into the Green Goblin - Peter Parker's arch-enemy soon .... the battle begins. - get paid to surf
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