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Spider-Man - The Movie

Spider-Man | Story | Cast | Crew | Pictures
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A genetically modified spider bites Peter Parker Norman Osborn kills his assistant after experimenting with a performance-enhancing substance developed for military use
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Peter Parker discovers his new abilities - the bite of the spider gives him strength, speed, the ability to crawl up walls and to produce a spider-web "With great power comes great responsibility"
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Peter fails to be responsible and lets a robber escape The robber then steals his uncle Ben's car and shoots Ben Parker
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Peter chases the robber and lets him drop to his death Mary Jane (MJ) Watson - she dreams of becoming an actress, but for now she works as a waitress
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Spider-Man flirts with MJ after saving her from an attack of the Green Goblin MJ thinks Spider-Man is amazing
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Norman Osborn becomes increasingly mentally disturbed following his use of the performance-enhancer The Green Goblin (Norman Osborn) attacks J. Jonah Jameson
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MJ gets attacked and Spider-Man rescues her What follows is one of the greatest movie-kisses of all time
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Spiderman vs. Green Goblin  
spider-man-022.jpg The Green Goblin forces Spider-Man to make a horrible choice: Save his girlfriend, or save little children - Spider-Man surprises by doing both at the same time.
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The last confrontation between the Green Goblin and Spider-Man
The Green Goblin is defeated  
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MJ realizes she loves Peter Parker But he offers her only his friendship because he's afraid of endangering her when she is too close to Spider-Man - get paid to surf
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