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Tombraider - The Lara Croft Models


Tombraider is one of the most succesful computer games - and it's success has a lot to do with the heroine of the game - Lara Croft, the busty athletic dream-girl.

For those who love the game and Lara, here are pictures of real-life Lara Croft models - including Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft in the Tombraider-Movie, and some of the most famous Lara Croft models!

karima adebibe
Karima Adebibe - the new official Lara Croft Model

angelina jolie

Angelina Jolie - well-known actress - she was Lara Croft in the Tombraider Movies

nell mcandrew
Nell McAndrew the former Lara Croft Model who got famous for her nude Playboy Pictures

lara weller

Lara Weller - for many, she is the one and only real Lara Croft

rhona mitra

Rhona Mitra - the first official Lara Croft model - and for many fans still the best

lucy clarkson

Lucy Clarkson - her boyfriend was so happy to finally have a real Lara Croft to play with

vanessa demouy
Vanessa Demouy - dancer, singer, and model - unofficial Lara Croft model
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