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When you follow the movie carefully, and consider the title, you will soon be able to work out what's going on and what's going to happen - but probably you will not find out so easily who is the actual killer.

Some hints are hidden on this page.

One hint to what's going on is how the characters end up in the motel together, and another one is the characters themselves.

You might think they are like the characters from any old disaster-movie, but they are not only like that - in combination with the title of the movie consider the characters are kind of archetypic (check images for more).

The Whore

The Warrior

John Cusack - he is the Warrior, the Troubled but Good Guy, Mister Fix-It



The Boy / The Conventional Man

The boy - lonely, quiet and seemingly lost, and his stepfather, The Conventional Man - he cites passages from his driving lessons when a tyre of his car explodes ...

The Hysterical Bitch


The Killer

He is a killer, alright - but is he the killer?


The Weasel

This is The Weasel - he is weak, sly, and knows how to take advantage when there is a chance

The Mother

The Mother - through the whole movie, she is suffering helplessly - until she dies

The Policeman

Tough and strong - he is The Policeman.

Or is he?

The Diva

The woman who "used to be that actress" ...


Consider the circumstances under
which everybody ends up in the motel.


They are not there by chance - their ways


to the motel


are strangely intertwined - one occurence in one person's life...


.... influences the action of the others..


until they all are united.