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Alicia Witt

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alicia witt

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Alicia Witt was born on August 21, 1975 in Worcester Massachusetts. Witt was a quick learner. By the age of two she was reading Shakespeare, and by the time she was four, Witt was performing some of Shakespeare's works on TV shows such as ABC's That's Incredible, and NBC's Today. Witt's parents, who recognized her superior intelligence, schooled Alicia at home. At the age of seven, Witt began to play piano, quickly learning to play the works of Beethoven and Bartok. Her first big screen appearance came with the 1984 sci-fi epic, Dune. By the time she was 14 Alicia got her GED and headed to L.A. with her mother, Diane (Who currently has the world's longest hair.)

While in L.A., Witt got several movie gigs including Mr. Holland's Opus, Four Rooms, and Fun. She also got a spot on the weekly sitcom Cybill CBS network. Witt is currently living alone in an apartment in L.A., with her mother living nearby. Alicia is 5'5.5" tall, and she has a cat named Jessie. Alicia enjoys wig collecting, listens to big band music, and she continues to play classical music on the piano.

Biography | Filmography | Gallery

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